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6 Easy Steps: Healthy Hair Care & Styling Routine

6 Easy Steps: Healthy Hair Care & Styling Routine

Keeping your hair strong can be difficult, especially with environmental changes affecting it day in day out. Age and genetics don't really lend a helping hand either.

A two-part daily routine for all ages is vital in maintaining and repairing our once vibrant locks. 

Your Evening Routine 

Hair Care Evening Routine for Men

Your day is over and you need to unwind. Put on some Sinatra and jump in the shower. From just day out, you can get a trifecta of gunk buildup on your mop. Gunk is a fun little cocktail of sweat, hair dander, environmental dust and even dead hair itself. It's important to clean, soften and revitalize your hair right before you jump in the sheets.

1. Shampoo

Start working in from the scalp. Know first hand if you're aiming for moisture or volume with the shampoo brands you choose. Some good ingredients when looking for moisture would be sunflower seeds, coconut milk or the rhodochrosite. If you're looking towards volume, try quinoa protein or bentonite clay-based shampoos.

Suggested Products: Essentials Moisture and Volume Shampoo $10.99 (Was $13.97)

2. Conditioning

Conditioning, it sounds like a chore but worth the effort. This middle-step is something often skipped because... why? Here's why. Conditioning softens the raised hair cells normally caused by shampooing. Two things to keep in mind when conditioning: try to apply to hair, not the scalp and make thoroughly rinse it out after the instructed wait duration.

Suggested Products: Essentials Moisture and Volume Conditioner $10.99 (Was $13.97)

3. Repair

Now the product is off and your as fresh as a baby, it's time to recover. Two products: Amethyst Oil and a miracle treatment will get you started. The oil is known to lubricate hair follicles and provide shine and heat protection. A good miracle treatment has sericite mica which smooths and seals hair color. Also, it should have UV filters which block sun damage.

Suggested Product: Everyday Miracle Treatment $15.97

    Your Morning Routine

    Hair Care Morning Routine

    Rise and shine, let's get the day started. Hopefully, you don't need to shampoo and condition your hair again (depends on your sweat levels). At most, dampen your hair to smooth out the bed head.

    4. Volumizing Base

    No matter if your hair is naturally puffy, start with a light Hair Putty. This will free up the strands so you can better style it in the next step. A putty with Biotin and Oat Extract would be key to creating the right sheen when finalizing your style.

    Suggested Product: Rhino Hair Styling Putty (3 Oz.) Only $9.99 (was $15.97)

    5. Style Hair

    This step is key to how you distinguish yourself. If you going for a crisp, sharp look, I would get a premium non-flaking gel. The best is at your local pharmacy. If you already have volume but your hair is on the dryer side, lean towards the styling creams. Finally, if your hair is thin but you have no issue with moisture, go foam or mousse. It's also the cheapest in the long run just on how little you need to use.

    Suggested Products: Essentials Styling Collection

    6. Finisher: Spray

    You worked so hard for this moment. The only thing left is hairspray. No matter what styling gel or cream you use. Your hair WILL fall out of place. Use a hairspray to let your look brave the elements. 

    Suggested Product: 3-in-1 In Control Spray $16.97

      Some Notes:

      Each product is different and meant to be used in a specific way, read the label and stay informed. If you're looking for some premium, high-quality products for your hair routine. Check out our Rhino Essentials Collection.